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Beautiful Children Books

We have been living in “isolation life” for two months and have been a tough moment because of COVID19. But NYC finally expected to reopen June 8th. It will be July for us to reopen because my industry is categorized in phase 2 of the reopening schedule.

Our Midtown west studio is currently closed due to NYC pause order. Our business is still open as remote work. We will announce when we reopen.



During stay home, Reading time is necessary for my little one like other kids. I would like to share about children's picture books that are our favorite and have beautiful illustrations. There are many picture books that I would like to read for my daughter. Below are the books illustrated by Elsa Beskow and Sibylle von Olfers



エルサべスコフとジビュレ・フォン オルファースのイラストレーションの絵本たちです

The Children of Hat Cottage is one of my daughter's favorite. I often read the story at her bedtime.

Elsa Beskaw's stories have lovely details. The illustrations are gentle and soft tones.

写真のHat cottage は娘も気に入っていて、ベッドタイムによく読む絵本なのですが、まだ文章の読めない娘ですが、部分的に暗唱できるほどになりました.エルサべスコフのイラストは優しいトーンでストーリには愛らしさがあります。

i share some picture books of Elsa Beskow and Sibylle von Olfers below. 


Picture is from MAMA OWL :

Photo: imagine childhood store also has series of the Elsa Beskow collection.

Elsa Beskow (1874 – 1953) was a Swedish author and illustrator of children's books. (Wikipedia)


I also share Orpheus picture books called The Root Children.

"The Root Children" has a lot of beautiful phrases to explain changing season from winter to spring, summer, and autumn. I think that my daughter has become aware of delicate changes of each four seasons as a natural thing through this picture book's story. I feel that it is a wonderful children's book with a wide range of expressions of nature and seasons.

Sibylle von Olfers(8 May 1881 – 29 January 1916) was a German art teacher and a nun who worked as an author and illustrator of children's books. (Wikipedia)



The illustrations and stories of both authors' are attractive to us.

Children's attention naturally goes to their little world. They are nice picture books to feel how to enjoy seasonal changes.




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