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Philadelphia, PA

Travel is a wonderful refreshment and brings me abundant inspirations and ideas to both of my life and work.

Recently we visited Philadelphia. There is a museum where I wanted to visit. it is The Barnes Foundation.

They have beautiful collections of impressionist. The architecture is sophisticated and makes me feel some Japanese sense of beauty linked to Wabi Sabi.



4歳の娘には少し退屈かもしれないとは思いましたが印象派のルノワール・ポスト印象派 ゴッホやセザンヌ、ピカソ、(青の時代)などの作品を展示しているバーンズファンデーションを訪問。


I was researching some paintings for our projects. In addition, I was also planning to introduce classic paintings and arts to our 4 year-old daughter at the museum. For My little girl who absorbs various things like a sponge, I thought it would be a nice decoration for her to decorate her room with some prints which is related to this trip.

For home interior styling, Personally I like to add room decors or arts that is connecting between our memories and our life events so that each one has it's own background story to tell. Personally surrounding by such things at home is very comfy which is very important for me rather than just chasing trend and purchasing new things.

So I selected several affordable prints for the wall art in the children's room at the museum shop with my daughter. Travel is a journey to look for one of kind decor just for yourself.






We also encountered beautiful little alleys in Philadelphia. and we could see Georgian Style residential house. I was fascinated by the well-maintained green, the color combination of pretty windows, and doors. We enjoyed a stroll in a small cobblestone residential area with light filtering through the trees.



アメリカ最古のレジデンシャルの通りElfreth's Alleyが有名な観光スポットではありますが、それ以外にもたくさん素敵な小路に出会えるので、お天気の良い日は歩いて散策するのがおすすめです。


The Barnes Foundation

Oldest Residentail Street in Philadelphia

Reading Terminal Market

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