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- White - Finding Right Shade

Spring is finally here in NY.

I moved to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn NY from LIC Astoria during last winter, and I have been doing some designs for our new space and did a small budget renovation little by little, in between my projects. I am going to start sharing some processes and works of the renovation. All of the work was done by our NY based team.

My first post of Renovation is "Finding The Right Color For Your Space". Actually, various interior designers and decorators have already discussed the subject of wall color, but I would like to write a little about "white" for the wall of the interior, based on this project.





Even though it is white, there are a huge number of whites. Colors look different depending on the combination of colors surrounding it, material of ceiling and the floor, and also other elements such as the furniture in the space. So, choosing a white is not as easy as it sounds. Clients often add wall repainting to the scope of renovation work. We usually decide on the direction of paint color with after discussing the image as a whole and target atmosphere of the space. However, we don't just rely on the design image to choose the correct color. The appearance of the actual paint color changes because of natural light from windows. Paint color can also change depending on the cardinal direction of which the window is facing, size of the windows, etc. Of course, time of day will also affect this. In addition, the number of light fixtures, brightness, and the color temperature of the light bulb will also affect the looks. (We won't talk about the color temperature and brightness of the lighting at this time.) When we select the paint color of the wall, it is based on the consideration of these conditions.



Benjamin Moor White Paint by conodio

Can you see the difference between these white paint colors?


Benjamin Moor White Paint Compaire

These white sheets sticking on the wall of the above picture are all different "whites" by Benjamin Moore. The color used on the molding is Super White. This room has windows in the north-east and north-west, without direct sunlight from the south. In such a case, if the paint color has grey undertones like Director's White and Distant Gray here, it gives the room a very cold impression. This cold feeling can make residential spaces less welcoming. Those two are beautiful whites, very well-used in minimal designed spaces. Decorator White and Distant Gray both are harmonized well with natural sunlight from the south direction. Southern light is naturally warm, so whites which have grey undertones reduce the redness of the sunlight and as a result, create a very beautiful white space. So, it did not work in this space, which lacked sunlight from the south.

The color picked next was Simply White. It is a warm white and creates a very warm white space. For this space, it was too yellow and did not match my target image. These whites were all removed from my paint color list.




そういった場合Director's White, Distant GRAYのようなアンダートーンがグレーの白の壁面だと非常にクールな印象になってしまいます。




Benjamin Moor Paint Color

My finalists were these two colors; Snowfall White and Chantilly Lace White (Please see the above photo). The bottom is Super White, as previously mentioned. Chantilly lace White looks a bit too pink when it is lined with Snowfall white under the northwest and northeast natural light. On the other hand, Snowfall white gives the wall a soft yellowish hue. As we planned to install light fixtures which is around 3000K-3500K warmth, Snowfall White would have been too warm. The color which matched my vision for this space and my final decision for the wall paint was Chantilly White.

(For English proofreading : Special Thanks to Derek Chow)

そして今回残った候補は、写真上から、Snowfall white、Chantillly whiteの2色。下の白はスーパーホワイトです。

北西と北東の自然光の中でChantillly whiteはSnowfall whiteと並ぶと若干ピンクがかった白に見えますがさわやかな”白” 比べてSnowfall whiteはすこし黄みのあるやわらかく暖かい白の壁面にみえます。 住宅の場合この先は好みやその他の家具や照明とのバランスで決めることになるのです。

今回は夜間の照明の色が3000K~3500Kものを設置するという設定だったことと白熱灯の下ではSnowfall whiteよりもChantillly whiteの発色が他のイメージにマッチした為、黄みのないChantillyWhiteに決定しました。



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