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Kajiha is a botanical objects design lab based in Brooklyn. Kajiha is a leaf of Kaji paper mulberry native to Asia and Japan. It has been used for making Japanese washi paper and fabrics since ancient times.  Kajiha offers handcrafted botanical objects and scents made from natural resources. Kajiha's collections are made in Brooklyn studios.

Each botanical arrangement and object is designed with inspiration from botanical forms, natural elements, ancient Japanese culture, and lifestyle. We value organically aged and imperfect natural beauty.

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Sonoko started conodio with the simple idea of bringing her favorite things and creating what she was eager to visualize. It was more bespoke works and each work was a different style based on client requests. In her long-time background as an interior designer, She felt that similarity.


From our basic concept to our new product release, I put lots of love and careful thought into all I do, and I decided to change the name to KAJIHA at the release of the fragrance collection. 


I decided to stick with the original concept as a maker Sonoko Kaneko I hope you enjoy all my bespoke & small butch creations and share the experience with others.

So, I am offering a small workshop where anyone can try flower arrangement and botanical craft as KAJIHA.



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